Nearly three months after testifying before Congress, some former USA Gymnasts will get to see their assailant in court. Larry Nassar, the national team physician, was first accused of sexual abuse in 2015. According to the FBI, over 100 former gymnasts have come forward with allegations that Dr. Narrar had used medical treatments to disguise sexual abuse against the gymnasts.

The Investigation

In June of 2015, a coach for Usa Gymnastics overheard stories about the abuse from teammates. The coach alerted the Senior Vice President, who in turn told the President.

Steve Penny, the President, tried to alert the families of survivors that contacting the FBI wouldn't be appropriate. It took USA Gymnastics six weeks (!!!!) to report the allegations.

Sex- Abuse Allegations in Olympic Sports

Jamie Dantzscher and Jessica Howard testified to their abuse allegations in front of Congress in late March. The two women were testifying in hopes that Congress would propose a bill, cosponsored by Senator Diane Feinstein, that requires sex abuse allegations in Olympic sports to be reported. Dantzscher was moved to tears during her testimony, where she revealed that her former doctor, Larry Nassar, told her that the sex abuse was medical treatment. Other former employees and officials also testified to Congress in late March, supporting the allegations and accusing USA Gymnastics of "allowing Dr.

Nassar to abuse" gymnasts.

Dr. Nassar to Stand Trial

Larry Nassar will be standing Trial after a judge had listened to testimony from the gymnasts accusing Nassar of sexual abuse and had watched his interview tape with police. The allegations go back to 2000 and report that the abuse happened with unsuspecting parents in the room at times, as he masked the abuse as medical procedures.

In addition to this case, Nassar is also facing three more criminal charges. One of these charges is a federal court crime of child pornography, where he has pleaded not guilty. He's also being sued by dozens of women and girls.

The Charges

According to MLive, he has 12 charges against him. The charges are as follows: 12 first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges, 4 for victims under 13 years of age and 8 for victims between the ages of 13 and 15.

The other case, which includes 7 child pornography charges, has pretrial scheduled for August 7 with the trial following a week later on August 14. The lawsuits pending from other women and girls have led Nassar's former employer, Michigan State University, to conduct their own investigation.