Syrian government forces have been gaining ground against ISIS fighters and have taken vast swathes of territory from the terrorist group. Assad's forces is backed by Russian forces and augmented by Iranian militia all cooperating to destroy terrorist locations in Syria.

What is the progress of Assad's army?

Despite the pressure imposed by the United States, especially after Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons, the Syrian army is doing well against the ISIS group. According to local sources, the Syrian army have captured the eastern countryside of Damascus and attacked Free Syrian Army position in Al-Aliyanyah, eventually capturing it as well.

The Syrian army had gained immense ground over its offensive against ISIS, even surpassing the achievements of the Syrian rebels backed by the U.S.

However, Syrian government forces have also downed a U.S. surveillance drone over the Zaza area in the process. No apology had been made by Assad's forces for the destruction of the American drone. They Syrian offensive also significantly damaged terrorist hardware in the fight and have weakened the strength of its forces. Syria's achievements might have inflicted the worse defeat for ISIS to date.

What is the reaction of the United States on Assad's victory?

The U.S. backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is focused on isolating the city of Raqqa for the planned offensive on June.

This is the main target of America's planned offensive aimed to destroy the heart of ISIS in one fell swoop. If Raqqa is captured, the SDF will gain the upper hand over ISIS almost instantly.

U.S. special forces have been deployed to train SDF men to make them efficient in battle. Alongside the SDF is the Kurdish army that will also participate in the attack on Raqqa.

However, as the Syrian government is successful fighting ISIS as well, the clash between Assad's army and the SDF may eventually occur. If that does happen, the fight against terrorism will halt and Syria will resort back to its civil war.

Also Russia is having a more hands-on approach on Syria, consolidating its position as a firm and active ally of Assad.

This will considerably strengthen the dictator's position, a position that the U.S. wants him out of. The Syrian civil war is a catastrophic failure of a nation divided by different political views. The end of this ruthless war may still be hidden beyond the thick clouds on the horizon and the death of thousands more is almost certain.