In yet another act of terrorism against the West, the London Bridge was the center of an attack on Saturday night. After Donald Trump gave his reaction, one host on CNN was not pleased with what the president had to say.

Trump backlash

In recent years, Europe has faced multiple terrorist attacks, usually at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists who are either directly linked or inspired by extremist groups like the Islamic State (ISIS) or al-Qaeda. Two weeks after a religious Islamic extremist bombed the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert, at least three suspects took part in multiple attacks in London.

The first reportedly took place when a van plowed into as many as 20 civilians on the London Bridge, before the attacker got out of the vehicle and used a knife on those in the area. Two other incidents were also reported, with at least one being tied back to the initial attack. While it's unknown if the incident is linked to Islamic extremism, authorizes have confirmed that it is being handled as terrorism. Donald Trump took the opportunity to give his thoughts on social media, tweeting out the need for his travel ban to be put in place. As reported by Mediaite on June 3, CNN host Reza Aslan fired back with anger on his own Twitter account.

Not long after Donald Trump sent out his aforementioned tweet that promoted his controversial "Muslim ban" executive order, host of CNN's "Believer," Reza Aslan decided to give his opinion on the president.

"This piece of sh*t is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency," Aslan tweeted out, before adding, "He's an embarrassment to humankind."

Moments later, NBC News responded to the Donald Trump tweet by reminding the president and those reading that the incident was "unconfirmed" in regards to what kind of Terrorist Attack took place.

Reza Aslan offered his translation of the NBC News tweet, adding, "Translation: the president is a man baby that must be ignored in times of crisis."

Reza Aslan is known as a controversial figure, as he's received praise and backlash from those on the left.

Some believe that the CNN host is a strong voice against alleged "Islamophobia," while others push back, accusing Aslan of being an Islamic apologist who silences much-needed criticism of Islam, while normalizing the most extreme elements in the faith and culture.

Moving forward

As the authorities and law enforcement continue to look for those responsible for the attacks on and around the London Bridge, it appears that the partisan divide over the issue in the United States is not going to end anytime soon.