In the aftermath of the shooting at a congressional baseball practice on Wednesday, the media has decided to report the story in a wide variety of ways. Over on Fox News, it was clear that they would focus on the shooter's political beliefs in order to push their agenda.

Fox News on Dems

Democratic and Republican lawmakers took to the field in Virginia on Wednesday to practice for the upcoming congressional baseball game that is scheduled for this Thursday. As warm-ups were taking place, the Republican side made their way onto the field. Within moments shots were fired as a lone-wolf gunman sprayed dozens off bullets into the field, striking four people including GOP Rep.

Steve Scalise. The shooter, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, was taken down at the scene before later dying at a local hospital. As of press time, Scalise is listed in critical condition, while the other victims, two police officers and a congressional aide, are expected to recover. Following the shooting, Republican and Democratic members of Congress came together in a rare show of unity, while some on network news, like "Meet the Pres" host Chuck Todd, even took partial blame for creating a hostile political environment. Despite this, one host on Fox News decided to pin the blame on Democrats and liberals during two separate rants on June 14.

As various cable news channels covered the shooting of the congressional baseball practice, one network has decided to continue to play partisan politics.

During coverage of the incident, Fox News host Eric Bolling decided to use the shooting to push a partisan message. "Lets talk about the health care plan that they (GOP) pushed," Bolling said. "These are Democrats saying this. Bill deBlasio said 'it's not an overstatement that some children will die because of this. This is heightened rhetoric," he continued.

"Cory Booker goes and says that it will 'cost Americans lives.' Nancy Pelosi, 'this is deadly, this is deadly.' Bernie Sanders says 'thousands of Americans will die,'" Eric Bolling continued.

"The Democrats aren't afraid to use that word (die) when talking about a Republican policy. You are going to tell me that crazy people aren't going to hear this and say 'oh my God, they (GOP) really are going to kill us,'" he continued.

Bolling doubles down

Not stopping there, Eric Bolling continued his rant later on as he pushed forward with his attack on the Democratic Party. "Is this America? Or is this Raqqa or Yemen?" Bolling asked. "This was clearly politically motivated as the shooter was a Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign volunteer," he added, before later noting, "Crazy people act on the crazy things they hear from politicians and celebrities." As Steve Scalise fights for his life following the shooting, it appears that some on cable news are still looking to play politics.