Federal authorities in Texas are currently examining what looks to be enlistment flyers from the Ku Klux Klan. According to local law enforcement, an individual who remains unidentified apparently hurled the documents before homes throughout Texas City during Memorisl Day weekend. The criminal encased the pamphlets in bags made of plastic and filled with multiple weights used in fishing and small pieces of candy.

In a report provided by KHOU News in Houston, someone dispersed at least two forms of the recruitment flyers. One version contained a picture of the Confederate Flag and bore words indicating that people should put an end to cultural genocide.

The other set of brochures highlighted a photo of a Klan member in a hooded wardrobe and insinuated that certain people need to join their group or expect to die like the people who oppose them.

Texas City reacts to flyers

A resident of the community that found one of the documents told KTRK-TV that the message left him mortified and even brought him to tears after reviewing it.

The local, only known as Ray, stated that the whole situation would trouble anyone. He said it bothered him because he’s African American and knows now that the Ku Klux Klan is out trying to recruit people into their hate group in the community where he lives.

The populace in Texas City is estimated to be around 45,000 people and 13,000 of those residents are African American.

Marvel Bliss, who lives next door to Ray, revealed to KPRC News that he feels ill from the fact that people deliberate placed racial propaganda in the neighborhood that he currently resides as well.

He stated he’s appalled that the individuals who committed the heinous acts entered his community then proceeded to come onto his property where his kids play.

He noted that he lived there for four years and not once dealt with such a hateful encounter.

Law enforcement wants answers

Last Wednesday, the local media made a phone call to the number listed on the flyers. It currently remains unanswered. Authorities with the Police Department in Texas City declared in an announcement last week that they find the incident that occurred a matter insinuated with criminal intent.

Police are looking to enforce any prosecutions necessary on everyone who participated in distributing the flyers. Federal investigators are still examining the situation. During a press conference, Yahoo! News reports authorities mentioned that anyone with information on what happened is requested to get in contact with Texas City Police Department Detective J. Winstead or Crime Stoppers in the Mainland Communities.