Just a day after James Comey testified in front of Congress, President Donald Trump made his first public speech in Washington, D.C. In yet another example of his unhinged behavior, Trump started tossing around giant binders while discussing his plans for infrastructure.

Trump's speech

During the entire 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made a lot of promises in an attempt to appeal and cater to the widest audience and potential voting base as possible. While much of what Trump ran his campaign on was met with partisan backlash and criticism, his plans to invest money in infrastructure received mostly positive reviews.

Despite this, Trump would go on to support the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, turning his once promising and non-partisan plans on infrastructure into just another divisive topic. Fast forward to present day and Trump has faced non-stop scandals and allegations plaguing his administration ever since he was sworn into office just over five months ago. With the headlines being dominated by the aftermath of the James Comey testimony, Donald Trump took time to trash the former FBI director on Twitter, accusing him of being a "leaker." While Trump has made his thoughts known on Comey, Fox News reported on June 9 about the president's awkward speech on infrastructure.

While speaking to the Transpiration Department in Washington on Friday, Donald Trump addressed his plans for infrastructure investment, but the situation got out of hand when he started throwing around binders on stage.

"It is a long, slow, unnecessarily burdensome process," Trump said in regards to the process of obtaining permits to building in the United States.

"Many, many projects are long gone because they couldn't get permits, and there was no reason for it," Donald Trump continued to complain.

Not stopping there, the former host of "The Apprentice" went on to tout his support for the Dakota Access Pipeline. "I'm also very proud to say that the Dakota Access Pipeline is now officially open for business," he said, before later adding, "We're going to have a great new system...It'll be the best in the world."

Binder toss

At this point, Donald Trump went on to complain about the regulations holding him back from investing further in infrastructure.

"These binders make you do unnecessary things that cost billions and billions of dollars," Trump said. At that time, the president walked over to a table of giant binders of regulations, lashing out over the struggle before picking them up and tossing them off a table on stage.