Research firm Public Policy Polling has released poll results that were conducted between June 9th and June 11th. The findings of the opinion poll which were carried out on 811 registered voters showed that 47 percent support Donald Trump's impeachment while 43 percent opposed his impeachment. 11 percent of respondents were either undecided or whether or not to support his impeachment. The poll also found out that 49 percent of voters think that Trump committed Obstruction Of Justice into Russian investigations while 41 percent believes he did not commit the offence.

53 percent also believe that the president is a liar in revealing information into befriending Russia while 41 percent believe that he is not.

Other findings of the poll

The survey revealed that his approval rating is 41 percent while his disapproval rating is at 52 percent. 57 percent of respondents also said that Russia wanted Trump to win as compared to only 20 percent who thought that Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win. When it comes to making America great again, 36 percent of respondents thought that Donald Trump had made the U.S great again while 56 percent believe that this has not been achieved. More people trust Comey at 51 percent in revealing information into Russian investigations while 39 percent trust information Trump is giving.

53 percent of those interviewed also think that Obama would have made a better president compared to 41 percent who still support Trump.

Efforts to impeach Trump

Efforts to impeach him began even before he took office. The basis of impeachment was due to the 35-page Russian dossier, a series of private leaked intelligence documents by a British MI6 officer that detailed Trump's misconducts during his campaigns.

The file stated that Russia has embarrassing information such as his sexual and financial wrongdoings that could be used to blackmail him. Another reason Congress members want him impeached was due to his association with Russian officials. No concrete evidence of this relationship with Russia has emerged. He also has obstruction of justice allegations and is accused of colluding with the U.S justice department and the heads of FBI to end or slow down investigations against him.

Trump is also accused of disclosing classified information to Russia that would threaten the countries national security. Other allegations include sexual misconducts against 15 women between the 1980's and 2013. He is also accused of violating the Foreign Emoluments Clause that prevents government officials from gaining financially from foreign governments.

What happens if Trump is impeached?

If Trump happens to be impeached, the vice president will be his successor. Others that are in the line of his succession include the speaker of the house of representative and the president of the senate. Impeachment could be successful if Trump committed crimes such as bribery, treason and high crimes and misdemeanours during his time in office.