On Tuesday, a rare piece of bipartisan legislation passed the Senate as the bill now makes its way to the House Of Representatives. The bill, which aims to clear up the Department of Veterans Affairs, was recently promoted by the Donald Trump on social media, but that didn't stop critics from speaking out.

Trump on the VA

One of the main talking points used by Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election centered around his views on the military, veterans, and the issues plaguing the Department of Veterans Affairs. After publicly clashing with former Fox News host and debate moderator Megyn Kelly, Trump found a way to avoid attending a debate last year and held a fundraiser for veterans instead.

Trump came under fire just months later after millions of dollars that were allegedly raised went missing, resulting in the former host of "The Apprentice" having to make up the difference. Since being sworn into office just over five months ago, Trump has faced mounting scandals and controversies that continue to pile up in his administration, while dealing with criticism over his policies, which include what he has proposed to do with veterans. In the "Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act," the bill would make firing federal employees and other executives easier, which drew support following years of mismanagement at the VA. As seen during a tweet on June 6, Trump decided to focus his attention on the bill in question and demand that the House take action.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday night, Donald Trump called on the House of Representatives to quickly pass the aforementioned bill so he could sign it into law as soon as possible.

"Senate passed the VA Accountability Act. The House should get this bill to my desk ASAP!" Trump tweeted, before adding, "We can't tolerate substandard care for our vets."

Twitter reacts

Just minutes after Donald Trump sent out his tweet about the veterans' bill, social media critics hit back, which coincidentally took place on the 73rd anniversary of D-Day.

"Is that why you cut 800 BILLION from healthcare that includes vets? How exactly do you define 'substandard'?" Jules Suzdaltsev tweeted out, while adding, "Maybe you should *increase* funding for one of the most marginalized and in need of care groups in America?"

"We can't tolerate presidents who try to compromise the independence of our nation's intelligence agencies.

Like you've done. Repeatedly," another Twitter user wrote. "What about substandard care of the entire nation? Or the planet? As taxing as this may seem, you ought to think more," writer Mike P. Williams added.

"Nobody cares about your distraction tweet Donald. Rachel Maddow is breaking a story that seals the deal on your exit. Far more interesting," an additional tweet went on to read. The backlash continues as the rift between the political left and right moved forward.