Donald Trump returned to Twitter for an early morning tirade, targeting MSNBC's "Morning Joe" and their hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough on Thursday. In a pair of tweets, the U.S. leader suggested that the public should stop watching the "poorly rated" show and said that their "low I.Q. crazy" and "psycho" hosts have previously asked him for an interview which he reportedly turned down.

His remarks against the program and the two hosts were met with criticisms from both his detractors and supporters.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, however, argued that the President was only defending himself from being the regular subject of personal attacks from these people who have called him names and even questioned his mental stability.

The Principal Deputy said Trump is not expected to just sit back and watch this program's constant criticism of him and his people. She explained the U.S. President was just fighting "fire with fire" with no intention to promote violence in any forms.

"Please just stop"

House Speaker Paul Ryan, however, thinks the president's personal attacks against Brzezinski and Scarborough were "inappropriate" and reminded the U.S. leader what he just did is not helping their intent to "improve the tone" and the "civility of the debate."

Ryan's statement was supported by several GOP lawmakers who were disappointed and even infuriated with Trump's behavior on social media.

Ben Sasse said this case is "beyond the dignity" of the presidential office, while Sen. Lisa Murkowski asked the POTUS if he wants "to be remembered for [his] tweets or [his] accomplishments" and told him to stop belittling other people.


Lindsey Graham also said Trump's Twitter tirade shows what's wrong in the U.S. politics and goes bring any good for the nation. Lynn Jenkins, Representative for Kansas, was particularly offended when the president slammed Brzezinski for her physical appearance.

She even expressed her disappointment on the leader during a CNN interview where she frankly said that his remarks were uncalled for.

Jenkins also requested the U.S. president to just focus in bringing good to his constituents instead of attacking his critics. Meanwhile, Sen. Susan Collins said Trump should not resort to using uncivil language regardless if he disagrees with the media or with the three government branches.

"We're okay, the country is not"

MSNBC's Brzezinski and Scarborough refused to back down after Trump's rant. Instead, the two continued to challenge the president in "Morning Joe" on Friday. The 50-year-old host even accused the U.S. leader of lying in his tweets about them. They went on and pointed out his "fragile, childlike, impetuous ego" and even called him racist for his travel ban.