It has been a rough month for CNN. Earlier this month, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes had to sooth irate stockholders who accused CNN of biased coverage of the Trump administration. A few days later, a large demonstration was held at the network's Atlanta headquarters by protesters accusing the cable news giant of peddling fake news. On Monday, three of the network's journalists were forced to resign for producing an anti-Trump story that turned out to be untrue. Since then, things have only gotten worse for the scandal-ridden network.

On Friday morning, Project Veritas released an undercover video in which associate producer Jimmy Carr insults voters who supported Trump, calling them "stupid as sh-t." Carr, who works on the "New Day" morning show, can be seen in the video blasting Trump as a "fraud" who does not believe in the things he says, and later reveals to the undercover Project Veritas journalist that most of his colleagues at CNN feel the same way.

Carr states in the video that Trump is a "hilariously unqualified clown" and adds, "We recognize he’s just f---ing crazy." When the undercover reporter asks Carr his opinion of the American voter, the CNN associate producer responds, "They're stupid as sh-t."

Carr cracks joke about Kellyanne Conway's appearance

But Carr, apparently, was just getting warmed up. He then goes on to mock Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, quipping that she looks like she got hit in the face with a shovel. The Project Veritas video immediately caught the attention of Donald Trump, Jr., who turned to Twitter to voice his disgust over Carr's comments. The president's son called out everyone who was "outraged" by President Trump's recent tweet mocking MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, wondering why the same people aren't expressing the same level of anger over Carr's unwarranted attack on Conway.

Tastelessness runs rampant at CNN

Carr, unfortunately, isn't the first CNN producer to be caught on camera making tasteless comments about Trump and his administration.

In December of last year, a female producer was captured by a hot mic joking that she hoped then-president-elect Trump's plane would crash. The producer's comment evoked laughter from the on-air host, Suzanne Malveaux. Later that day a CNN spokesperson issued an apology for the "unfortunate and inappropriate" remark, adding that the producer who made the comment had been disciplined. CNN has not indicated whether or not Jimmy Carr will face disciplinary action for his remarks.