Donald and Melania Trump may or may not be happily married and the general consensus appears to be that the two are unhappy together. Psychologists and Body Language experts have analyzed their non-verbal behavior as overwhelmingly disconnected from each other -- at least since Trump took office. Another body language expert is weighing in on the matter regarding their relationship and what the future looks like for their marriage.

Donald on his own to fix problems

Susan Constantine tells Elite Daily that Donald and Melania Trump "had something at one point," but things have worsened since the inauguration.

Their chemistry has faded and they are going through the motions. There was a time not long ago in which Melania would defend her husband anytime he said something out of line or if a scandal popped up (think "Access Hollywood" video). But now she's backing off and he's having to sort out his own messes -- and there are too many to count.

Famous hand diss

When Melania rejects Donald's hand during those very public appearances, Constantine insists that Melania is putting out an effort to tell him that he can only "walk ahead" of her or "ignore" her so many times. On top of that, she's letting the world know that she's not "agreeable" and is only there for the cameras and to make things look good.

Otherwise, she's basically checked out and indifferent to their marriage now. The body language expert blames Donald's inflated narcissism since becoming president. Melania has this way of saying "eff you" to Donald whenever he tries to reach for her hand and she rejects it.

Will the Trumps divorce?

Donald and Melania Trump's marriage won't last, Constantine claims.

She predicts that their lack of connection and seemingly weak foundation of a couple have who're in love will erode more over time. Staying together isn't something she believes will happen. The expert didn't relay when she thinks the two may split up but did say it would be the first time that a president would end a marriage at the same time he's in office.

Supporters of Donald and Melania Trump have grown weary of all the divorce rumors. They often fire back that the reports are "fake news" and that all of the expert opinions are nothing more than a way for the liberal media to find fault where there is none. While the body language experts don't know the president and his wife, they rely solely on what the cameras are showing them.