US President Donald Trump is being investigated for the possible Obstruction Of Justice. The special counsel is looking into Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential election. This is the first time the President is being implicated by the #special counsel.

The President is under investigation

As reported by both The Washington Post and The Guardian, the Federal investigation into the Trump’s campaign connections with Russian during the 2016 election campaigns has now been stretched into whether Mr. Trump attempted to frustrate that probe. It is alleged that #President Trump tried to discourage former FBI director James Comey from investigating former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

During his last week’s testimony while under oath, Comey told the Congress that Trump told him, “I hope you can perceive your way clear to let this go, to let Flynn go. He is an upright guy. I hope you can let this go.”

Trump has accused Comey of saying things that were not true, while under oath. He, further, added that he was willing to attest before the Congress.

Flynn’s undisclosed discussions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak led to his dismissal as a national security advisor on February after being in office for less than a month. He was put under scrutiny for misleading Vice President Mike Pence about his close connections with the high-ranking Russian official.

On May, Mr. Trump fired #Comey and cited the “Russia thing” as the reason for his sacking, according to his interview with NBC News.

A day after the sacking of Mr. Comey, Mr. Trump reportedly told Russian officials at the Oval House that “this position” had “now eased.”

Why is the President being investigated?

President Trump sought the intervention of Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, and Mike Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency, in denying the evidence.

Trump wanted them to issue statements denying evidence that his campaign team colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign. Coats and Rogers seemingly failed to comply.

According to the New York Times, Mueller is seeking to interview Rogers, Ledgett, and Coats in an attempt to get more information about the possible involvement of Trump to obstruct justice.

The President has repeatedly denied any collusion with Russia, terming the ongoing investigations as a “witch hunt”.

Trump tweeted on Thursday morning: “They made a deceptive collusion with the Russian story, found no proof, so they now go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice.”