For four days and almost 30 hours, the jurors for Bill Cosby's Criminal Trial have been deliberating the accusations by Andrea Constand that she was sexually assaulted by Cosby in 2004. These allegations have led to three counts of aggravated indecent assault, all stemming from this one incident in 2004. Each of these charges carries a maximum of ten years in prison, along with a $25,000 fine.

The Incident:

Constand claimed that Cosby drugged her and proceeded to molest her, but Cosby claims that their relationship was consensual and the Benadryl he gave her was just supposed to be used to help her relax.

As a result of Constraint's accusations, Cosby has pleaded not guilty and continuously denied any wrongdoing.

The Trial:

Both the prosecution and the defense teams have ended their cases this past Friday and Monday, respectively. As for the jury, they have been going over meticulous details of the Case to try to come to a conclusions. The jury consists of seven men and five women, who have requested recently for the full context of quotes Cosby gave in a deposition, in which he talked about the pills he gave Constand. On Wednesday, the jury reviewed Andrea Constand's testimony about the night that the attack happened, and also requested the testimony from police about Cosby's 2005 interview to be read-back.

The jury continues to peruse over details of this case as they attempt to come to a conclusion on what happened in 2004.

What's Next:

After deliberating for four days and rereading and hearing testimony, the jury has been unable to come to a conclusion. They are currently deadlocked on a verdict. This being said, the judge has ordered that the jury continues to deliberate to attempt at working towards a proper verdict for this criminal trial.

Bill Cosby's spokesperson believes that this deadlock shows the truth of Cosby, and points to the fact that he is not guilty. His spokesperson hopes that the jurors are being treated properly and nobody will attempt to change their ideas or beliefs about this case. He said that Bill Cosby would like to "say thank you to these jurors." It will be important to continue to stay tuned in the next few days as more relevant news about this criminal trial is sure to come about, and a verdict could be reached any moment. As for Bill Cosby, he seems to be hopeful that this deadlock is positive for him and his innocence is seen as being true.