Bill Cosby’s lawyer on Monday said that Mr. Cosby and the woman who is accusing him of molesting and drugging her were lovers who, at that time, had secret romantic affairs. Mr. Cosby refused to take the stand, leaving the case to his lawyer Brian McMonagle who said that, at the time, Bill Cosby was unfaithful to his wife but he had not in any way committed a crime because the Sexual Activities between his client and Andrea Constand were consensual.

Cosby’s lawyer stated that dozens of conversations transpired between his client and Andrea Constand after the alleged assault, but Andrea told the jury that she only returned Mr.

Cosby’s calls because they concerned the women’s basketball team of Temple University, where he was a member of the board of trustees and she was the director of team operations.

Cosby's wife was present in the courtroom for the first time

McMonagle said that the truth should not be ignored. He clearly stated that this was a relationship between two people and that one of the calls which lasted for 49 minutes couldn’t be a call to a trustee but to a lover. Camille, Cosby’s wife was also present in the courtroom for the first time since the trial began. She sat in the front row showing no emotion as the defense argued, but smiled during the end of McMonagle’s two-hour closing argument. Camille and Cosby have been married for over 50 years now.

Andrea, who is currently 44 years of age, gave her testimony last week saying that she was drugged by Bill and, then, penetrated by him using his fingers against her will. She sued Cosby in 2005 where he testified as part of that lawsuit, he later settled the case for a sum that was undisclosed. If convicted of these charges, Mr.

Cosby could spend the rest of his life in prison.

McMonagle clearly pointed out to the jury that this wasn’t a case about money, but a man’s freedom, and he further used a screen to show the jury how Andrea’s statement changed over the course of the three interviews she gave to the police a year after she claimed Mr. Cosby assaulted her at his home near Philadelphia.

Cosby's lawyer pointed out that Andrea's statements were inconsistent

Cosby’s lawyer noted to the jury instances where Andrea's statements were inconsistent, stating that, in one interview, she told the police that the assault took place in March 2004 and, in other interviews, January 2004. He further said that, in her first interview, she claimed to have never been alone with his client before the alleged attack, but later contradicted that statement saying that she spent time alone at his home before the alleged assault at a Connecticut casino resort.