According to President Trump’s close confidant, the president is set to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, who was hired to look into the U.S. election saga.Christopher Ruddy told PBS in an interview that he suspects the President is considering sacking the special counsel. He also said he felt the President was still weighing his options.

Another source close to the President said Trump is being advised by his lawyers against such move.

Sean Spicer rebuffs Mr. Ruddy's claims

According to CNN reports, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said in a press briefing that MR.

Ruddy had not discussed with President Trump concerning this issue and only the President or his lawyers were permitted to comment on the subject.

Sarah Huckabee, White House deputy press secretary affirmed Spicer’s statements saying Chris was speaking for himself.

Ruddy, who owns Newsmax Media, tied the credibility of his statements to a statement of one of Trump’s counsel. He said in a CNN interview that his statements were verifiable and credible.

However, He expressed his disapproval of the president’s move, calling it a “significant mistake”. He said it was an unjustifiable decision.

Mueller served as FBI Director from 2001 to 2013 and was appointed by Gorge W. Bush. He was succeeded by James Comey.

Meuller's reputation precedes him

Since his appointment in May, he has worked tirelessly to boost the presidential legal team. He is highly respected by both colleagues and staff of the White House. Although he still has a few haters.

Newt Gingrich, former House speaker told John Catsimatidis in a radio show that the Congress should fire the independent Counsel.

He said he was of the opinion that the congress should intervene to fire the independent counsel. He stated that the supposed outcome was the result of a deliberate manipulation by the FBI director to leak the News to the New York Times basing his assumptions on James Comey’s statements.

South Carolina Republican, Sen. Lindsey Graham questioned the authenticity of the report.

She said she doubted if Newt made such statements. She also said that he hadn’t done anything to deserve the sack and that it would be a disaster if that happened.

In the wake of Ruddy’s interview, Rep. Adam Schiff, top Democrat on the House intelligence panel, made a similar statement. He said if the President fired Bob Mueller, the Congress would re-appoint him immediately after.