It has been reported that the USA brought in additional THAAD launchers into South Korea secretly. The systems were installed without informing the South Korean president Moon Jae-in. This deployment has alarmed china. It has expressed its "grave concern" at this deployment. As per reports, four extra THAAD launchers are in the process of being installed. The Chinese are not happy with this development. As reported by South Korea's Hankyoreh paper the spokeswoman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry at a briefing in Beijing said:"The deployment of THAAD by the US in the Republic of Korea) jeopardizes China's strategic security interests and disrupts regional strategic balance".

This news is reported by CNN International.

The THAAD system

The THAAD missile system is a counter to a threat from North Korean missiles in the event of a war. The Americans claim that the deployment is defensive in nature and not a threat to China or Russia. China des not believe this assurance and is convinced that the Americans will use the strong radars to pry into the Peoples Republic of China.

Putin and Moon have different perceptions

Putin has also expressed his opposition to the positioning the system and has vowed measures to counter their deployment in the Far East. He has said that he will not allow the deployment to go unchallenged. President Moon is also concerned.During his election campaign, Moon Jae-in had promised to delay the deployment of the anti-missile system.

He had at that time argued that the THAAD deployment would actually do more harm than good. He also ordered an inquiry. Despite this Moon backed off very fast and sent a special envoy to Washinton to assure the USA that South Korea would not cancel the deployment. The South cannot survive without the support of the USA as the North has a formidable military machine.

China alarmed

The Chinese remain unconvinced that the missile system will not pry deep into China.

They have called for the dismantling of the missile system. The Korean Peninsula is one of the hot spots of the world and Americans are concerned about the nuclear capability of the North. They have vowed to stop it, but the USA is unable to do much with China backing the North. In any case, Kim Jong-un is too independent a man to even listen to China. The Chinese have suggested the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and removal of all American troops. This is not acceptable to the USA.