Bonanno Crime Family mobster Vincent “Vinny” Asaro, now age 82, was riding in a car that was cut off at a traffic light on April 4, 2012. Three days later, the car was torched by John J. Gotti, grandson of the notorious John “Dapper Don” Gotti. Asaro entered a guilty plea yesterday in federal court. His sentencing is October 24.

Before entering his plea, the octogenarian mobster-defendant told the judge that he would “never cooperate against anyone.” Asaro told New York City Judge Allyne Ross that he called that someone and that person burned the car at his request.

He said he “made arrangements” with the arsonist to “take care of it” and “it was done.”

Airport heist trial and threat to kill federal prosecutor considered at sentencing

He was charged, and went to trial, in an unrelated case in 2014. He was accused of orchestrating the $6 million, 1978 Lufthansa heist at Kennedy Airport. Fox 5 reported that the airport theft garnered the largest amount of money (from a theft) in the United States and was the genesis for Martin Scorsese’s movie “Goodfellas.”

He was acquitted in November 2015 for the airport cargo theft. After he was arrested for the 2012 car arson, and while jailed at Metropolitan Detention Center on resulting charges, he was accused of plotting to kill a federal prosecutor – believed to target Assistant U.S.

Attorney Nicole Argentieri, according to the New York Daily News. Both the airport theft trial and having been accused of planning a federal prosecutor’s murder can be considered at Asaro’s October sentencing.

Admitting violating federal Trade Act

His guilty plea on Tuesday was not only for his admission in the arson vendetta, it was also that he violated the federal Trade Act.

At his October sentencing, he faces the possibility of up to 20 years of prison incarceration and a $25,000 fine. He agreed to repay the owner of the car that was set ablaze.

Gotti, age 23, pleaded guilty to torching the car with 26-year-old Matthew “Fat Matt” Rullan’s assistance.

The duo of gangsters obtained the victim’s address in Broad Channel, Queens from Asaro, according to prosecutors.

They, then, poured gasoline on the car and lit it on fire. They failed to go unnoticed. There was an unmarked NYPD unit in sight, which followed them and, in turn, it led to a high-speed chase through Queens.

Gotti, who was the getaway car driver, was driving his Jaguar recklessly so the officer backed off the high-speed pursuit, according to court documents.

Gotti grandson pleaded to arson and bank robbery

Grandson of gangster Gotti, head of the legendary Gambino crime family, also pleaded guilty to an April 28, 2012, robbery at the Maspeth Federal Savings and Loan Association. According to prosecutors, Rullan drove the getaway car – this time. The duo netted almost $5,500 from the robbery. Rullan pleaded guilty to the bank heist and to the arson attack, posted $1 million bail, and left the court with his mother at his side.

Gotti already serving time for running drug ring

Gotti’s father, Peter, was in court Tuesday when he admitted his involvement in the car arson. He’s currently serving an eight-year prison term following his March 2 guilty plea for spearheading a Howard Beach oxycodone drug ring, totaling $1.6 million. When sentenced, Gotti may have to serve five to six years, but a judge can rule that his federal and state charges can run concurrent.

Asaro, Gotti, and Rullan face the potential of serving a maximum 20 years each in prison, which depends on the outcome of sentencing. If handed the maximum sentence, it will make Asaro 102-years-old when he is released.