Bill Cosby is making a last-ditch effort to save public face. In an interview given on SiriusXM radio, the former beloved actor and comedian brought up racism as a potential factor in the pursuit of justice for his alleged crimes.

In general, he would not be incorrect in commenting that the justice system in the United States has an insidious racial element. In his case, however, the dynamics at power appear to be the more prescient factor worth exploring.

Cosby's latest eye-raising comments

Cosby phoned into "The Michael Smerconish Show" on Tuesday morning, a rarity for the now-reclusive legend.

The host of the show brought up comments made by Cosby's daughter, Ensa, who claimed that racism had infiltrated all parts of the scandal.

When asked to respond to the comments, the comedian wasn't as vague as he was during the rest of the interview - though still noncommittal - stating that she maybe right.

The other big news to come from the interview was Cosby's status when it comes to testifying in his own defense at his criminal trial.

When asked point blank by Smerconish, the actor gave a resounding "no."

He stated that the strategy would help his attorneys, since they wouldn't have to worry about the comedian potentially saying something unexpected that forced them into a bad position.

Frankly, that answer should worry the lawyers, since it sounds as if Cosby is concerned about self-incriminating - perhaps more than he's worried about racism.

Almost trial time for Cosby

The interview came under somewhat auspicious circumstances. Cosby's team reportedly contacted the program asking if the comedian could come on the air and affirm the statements made by his family.

Smerconish only agreed if he could interview Cosby as well. It was clear that the comedian went into the interview with clear intentions to try and clear and defend his name more than anything else.

His criminal trial is expected to begin in just a few weeks. He will face three charges of aggravated sexual assault beginning on June 5 in Montgomery County. Jury selection is set to begin within the week.

He will surely cry 'racism' once again depending on the racial demographics of the jury. Hopefully, that issue is avoided altogether. If Cosby truly committed the numerous crimes he is alleged to have committed from his position of power, he deserves to go away to jail for the rest of his legacy-destroying life.