US President Donald Trump said he was ready to Testify Under Oath about his interactions with former FBI director James Comey. The statement by Trump has further heightened tension ignited by Comey’s testimony.

President Trump said he is one hundred percent willing to give sworn testimony when he was asked by reporters.

Trump aggressively responded to some questions put across to him during a bilateral press conference with the President of Romania Klaus Johannis on Friday, but he circumvented when asked if he was recording conversations in the Oval Office.

Trump's reactions

The President said he was not insinuating and is ready to tell about it over a short period of time, but refused to elaborate. He later told reporters that they will be disappointed to hear the answer.

The evasive response leaves the door wide open to White House records, what legal analysts say would be within the scope of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election and President Trump campaign’s possible role.

Trump also deviously accused James Comey of lying under oath when he willfully denied the former FBI boss’s claim that he asked him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn former national security adviser’s relationship with Russia.

He denied asking Comey for his loyalty, but added: “There would be nothing wrong if I did say it.”

Lack of evidence

But as far as Trump seemed to undermine Comey’s testimony, he also portended some of his claims, for instance, in his statement there was no proof of a conspiracy between Trump and the Russians, and no investigation into Trump personality when Comey was the FBI director.

“No obstruction, no collusion, he is a leaker,” Trump said in a press briefing at Ross Garden. Knocking Comey for publicizing the content of a memo he placed on a dinner they both had together.

Republicans quest

Trump comments complimented with Republican’s points about the hearing. The Republican National Committee asked surrogates to consider the fact that Comey indubitably stated the President was not an obvious subject of the Russia investigation when he was heading the FBI.

The fired FBI boss said Trump’s personal comments asking him to end the probe into Michael Flynn former national security adviser made him tell his colleagues at the Department of Justice to be careful. He said several times he decided to take notes about his conversations with President Trump because he felt the President and the White House would frame lies about them if he didn’t.