An Arkansas inmate was recaptured on Sunday after 32 years when he decided to escape from the Cummins Unit Prison. He was jailed for burglary.

The man was identified as Steven Dishman. He escaped from the prison on May 28, 1985, just two years short of him being eligible for parole. He was convicted in 1984 and was set to be a free man by 1991, the Arkansas Department of Corrections said.

Since he only served a year out of his seven-year sentence so he has to serve the remaining six years he was not able to complete. Authorities did not say yet if Dishman will serve more years for escaping.

Individual comes forward offering information leading to arrest

Dishman, now 60, was found at a home in Springdale, Arkansas. An officer from Arkansas State Police, Bill Sadler, said that someone who met Dishman five years after he escaped from prison came forward with the information regarding the whereabouts of the escapee.

The individual, who has not been identified, let police know about Dishman over the weekend. It is unclear if the individual will be charged.

It was also not elaborated whether the individual is a male or a female. Authorities also did not disclose to the public what the relationship of the tipster is to Dishman and why he or she came forward with such information.

Authorities did not reveal the living conditions of Dishman when he was arrested.

They did not say whether someone else what at the home where he was found or if he was living alone.

Escapee’s mother says son is a good person

The mother of Dishman, Shirley Jones, also said that she and her son saw each other six months after he escaped from prison. Jones noted that her son has not done any crime for the past years he has been in hiding and noted that Dishman is a good person.

Police did not say yet if Jones will face charges since she saw her son months after he escaped but did not alert authorities.

Other people are being interviewed regarding those who came in contact with Dishman. According to The New York Times, Dishman lived a new life under a different name thus the years-long evasion from an arrest.

The details about his new name and the persona he used for years were not released to the public.

Four escapees still at large in Arkansas

Four other escapees remain at large in Arkansas. One of them is Veal Lee, who escaped last July 15, 1984. He was convicted of thievery. This comes at a time when death penalty is a hot issue in the state.