Two B-1B lancers, US supersonic heavy bombers along with a few South Korean jet escorts flew close the North Korean border during its joint drills. This resulted in Pyongyang calling the action as a provocation, which could lead to war.

North Korea accuses US of training bombers to drop nuclear payloads

Pyongyang issued statements saying that the US are like gangster imperialist who have gone extremely reckless on their moves to start a nuclear war in the Korean peninsula. This statement was aired in state driven North Korean networks to "inform" its citizens.

North Korea has been constantly bombarding its citizens with intense propaganda on how evil the west is and how capable their military is in destroying America.

However, in reality, the missile program is plagued with failures, the economy is in a deathly stranglehold and many of Kim Jong-Un's people are starving left and right.

US bombers distance from DMZ still unclear, Pentagon silent on issue

As of the moment, there is still no official statement coming from the Pentagon whether US bombers have intentionally provoked the North Koreans. The only certain fact is that the bombers are part of the joint military drills with South Korea, which was already scheduled even before Trump took office.

However, due to the increased tension in the Korean peninsula, every military maneuver done by the US will be considered as provocation by the belligerent rogue nation.

North Korea proclaims being on the verge of another nuclear test

Pyongyang said constantly that they are on the verge of detonating another nuclear device any time now. However, US intelligence is not sure whether this is another bluff or the real thing. Military observations on the DPRK nuclear facility in Pyongyang shows signs of increased activity.

The ballistic missile program of Kim Jong-Un is not going well after experiencing its third highly broadcast failures in April alone. It is not certain what explanation Kim Jong-Un received from his missile research team but the upstart tyrant is fond of executing enemies with anti-aircraft guns.

What will be Trump's response if North Korea does detonate a nuclear device?

Mixed signals plagued Trump's administration at the moment especially with his polarizing statements that seems to praise Jong-Un. Trump said that the tyrant is a "smart cookie" for being able to handle the North Korean government at such a young age and he would be honored to meet him, if situations are favorable.

However, it is a known fact that Trump makes decisions easily, which makes the possibility of all out war happening during Trump's watch very likely.