On April 15 North Korea organized a grand military parade in its capital city Pyongyang in order to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the birth of its first and historic “Supreme Leader” Kim Il Sung who is the grandfather of the current “Supreme Leader” Kim-Jong-Un.

The real reasons for the parade

According to almost all political and military analysts, the grand military parade was held in order to show off the North Korean's new modern weapon systems as a Show Of Strength and a warning to the United States and the Trump administration that North Korea will be a “hard nut to crack” in the event that war breaks out.

Fake arms in the parade

An American military analyst and former US Army Intelligence Officer, Mr.Michael Pregent, who was asked to study the photographs from the grand military parade in Pyongyang has reached the conclusion that many of the arms displayed were dummies that were used in order to boost the North Korean show of strength to the rest of the world.

More specifically, Pregent who is a Fellow at the Hudson Institute has reached the conclusion that even the sunglasses worn by North Korean soldiers would not be battle worthy. He believes that many of the soldiers were given mere toy guns to carry during the parade. He also doubts that the North Koreans have the capacity to load their AK-47 assault rifles due to shortages in local production and that the grenade launchers affixed on them were also fake.

Pregent also suggested that another possible reason for the guns in the parade not being loaded or real is that the current “Supreme Leader Kim-Jong-Un was afraid that they could have been turned against him or the gathered crowd.

Nevertheless, Pregent did say that it is well known that North Korea does possess such weapons in its arsenal but those used in the parade were nothing more than ridiculous dummies or toys, some of which were made of plastic.

An unpredictable regime

A North Korean “legend” says that in order for Kim Il Sung to choose his successor as “Supreme Leader” he asked the question: “And what happens if we lose?” His son Kim-Jung Il, the father of the current leader of North Korea Kim-Jong-Un answered: “We will destroy the entire world while losing”. After that answer, Kim Il Sung decided that his son would be a worthy “Supreme Leader” and declared him his successor.

It is not known whether this story is true or not but the fact that it exists and is being told reveals that the North Koreans are willing to do anything in order for their current regime to survive and that they will never go down without a serious fight. The North Koreans strongly believe that in order for their regime to survive, it is vital for them to develop nuclear weapons. Thus, the only reasonable conclusion is that indeed a nuclear threat does exist. However, many political analysts still believe that there is still room for diplomacy as long as China in a large part and Russia in a lesser part get more seriously involved to avoid a war with unknown consequences for the region and the world.