On Tuesday, May 2, two police officers in Chicago were the victims of a shooting, which left them severely injured. The gunman who Shot the two officers is absconding. According to a report from CBS Chicago, the incident occurred around 9.15 p.m. Two vehicles came in front in front of the policemen’s car and started firing randomly. According to the authorities, the firing was intentional and the cops were targeted.

Two of the policemen who were injured during the firing were admitted to Stroger Hospital. According to Anthony Guglielmi, the police spokesman, one of the officers was shot in his arms and hip.

The other was shot in the back.

Chicago Police superintendent Eddie Johnson stated that though the officers were caught off-guard and were hit, they managed to fire back. He also stated that the injured policemen are recovering well. The incident occurred at the Block of South Ashland Avenue in the City’s Back of the Yards neighborhood.

According to one of the witnesses, who was walking to his car, multiple fire shots were heard. Initially, he thought those were fireworks and the next thing he noticed cops everywhere.

What the authorities say

The Chicago officers were carrying out the investigation of another incident when the shooting happened. According to Guglielmi, the officers were wearing plain clothes during the time of the incident. Johnson stated that the police had already started questioning few suspects.

The police also found a vehicle and many weapons which they believe hold some link to the incident.

They found the vehicle near the 37th street and Racine Avenue. They had also recovered a rifle and a shotgun near the scene of the crime. Police helicopters were seen inspecting the area at around 9.44 p.m. after the incident.

A Police K-9 unit was also brought along in order to search the car with the bullet hole. According to Johnson, if the suspected criminals can fire blatantly at the police, they can do the same with the citizens as well.

He also stated that the team will surely “manhunt” the attackers.

Mayor thanks cops

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel thanked the Chicago police for the dangers they endured to ensure the safety of the people.

Police risk their life to ensure the citizens a sound sleep. With many incidents like the similar one occurring in the city, the police are staying vigilant. The police are looking out for the suspected criminals involved in the firing.