On Sunday, April 30, residents of the La Jolla Crossroads apartment in San Diego were having a good time at the pool area, enjoying a birthday party. However, the enjoyment was short lived, as a 49-year-old gunman opened fire during the party. The gunman has been identified as Peter Selis. The incident left seven injured and one dead.

What exactly happened?

According to the witnesses, a white male donning brown-colored shorts and armed with a gun was seen randomly shooting people attending the party. There were roughly 30 people at the pool when Selis started shooting.

Police rushed to the spot immediately after receiving the SOS call after 6 p.m.

According to Shelley Zimmerman, the San Diego Police chief, the police helicopter was the first to arrive at the spot. From the chopper they noticed the gunman reloading his large caliber handgun. Selis was reportedly killed by three police officers who had gone near the area after he had pointed his gun at them.

How many people were injured and killed?

The assailant killed one black woman and wounded seven other people, all of whom were adults. Out of them, four were black women, two black men, and one Hispanic. There was an eighth person who broke their arm while trying to escape the gunfire.

According to Zimmerman, the gunman and a guest were residents of the apartment where the incident occurred.

As of now, no concrete motive has been established behind the shooting. Police questioned all the witnesses as well as the responding officers.

What the witnesses revealed

According to one of the witnesses, he was inside his apartment when the incident occurred at 6 p.m. He heard a loud sound of gunfire, combined with the cries of the victim.

To view the incident more clearly, he went to the building’s clubhouse.

According to one of the witnesses named John, the shooter was holding a beer and a gun. Police are not sure if Selis knew any of the residents or the victims who he had fired at mercilessly. Another witness shared that she caught the gunman say to an injured person that they could leave or die if they stayed on.

Who is Peter Selis?

According to police records, Peter filed for bankruptcy in 2015. In the records, he stated he was a car mechanic with two children of his own and a stepson. A photo of Peter Selis on the website of the dealership shows a bulky man with black hair smiling at the camera. Police organized a “reunification center” near the Judicial and Golden Haven drives to help friends and family members find information about their loved ones who had been a part of the party.