trump won the electoral college and is now the president of the USA. Many of his opponents have not liked it and have not reconciled to his win. This also includes many from the GOP as well. All sorts of wild allegations are floating around that Donald has some connection with Russia and Putin. A Russophobia has built up believing that the Russians hacked the US election to favor Trump and he knew about it. Weird tales are floated about a golden showers incident in Moscow. It is darkly hinted that Donald has a lot to hide and the Russians will blackmail him.

It does not matter that most allegations are wild and unsubstantiated. Yet the Goebbels philosophy that a lie repeated a 100 times becomes a truth is a governing platform behind these allegations.

The fact is, despite the best of efforts his opponents have not been able to come up with any evidence to substantiate these allegations. Nothing has emerged against Donald and no evidence of a Russian connection has emerged. But the opponents of Donald are hacking away and now even the Intelligence agencies have started believing in this.

Donald skating on thin ice

Donald is skating on thin ice as his opponents have formulated a plan to pin the Russian connection on him. This is the prelude to try and impeach him.

Some people in the USA do wonder how the opposition is more concerned about Russia than about N Korea and China or Iran. A fear of Russia is dominating the opposition. Perhaps, they know the truth but the name of the game is to try and dislodge Donald and the Russian connection is a handy tool.


The EU powers are dreading the rise of Donald.

In case he prevails they will become redundant. They are aware that the far right leaders in the EU are drawing inspiration from Donald. Donald has to be alert. He is a man advocating out of box solutions for many of the problems. He may succeed or fail, but he must be given a chance. The opposition does not want to give a chance to Donald hence the hysteria of a Russian connection and dark whisperings that he could be blackmailed by Putin. A Russian phobia is built up.This is politics and Donald needs to guard against it.