Over the past week, since the Trump administration fired FBI Director James Comey, it was revealed that the former director had met with President Trump for a dinner where it was also reported that he was asked by the President to pledge his loyalty to him.

Blasting News reported on new details revealed in a memo left behind by Comey which says that when he met the President in the Oval Office in February, he was asked not to investigate former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn.

Trump persistent over 'letting Flynn go.'

According to Comey's version of the conversation, the President expressed hope that Comey would let Flynn go saying that he was a "good guy," repeatedly saying: "letting this go," "letting Flynn go" and "I hope you can let this go."

As the Blasting News article states, the memo was read to reporters from the New York Times, the same media outlet that broke the story, by one of Comey's associates and so at the time of their reporting; they did not have a copy of the unclassified Comey memo.

The White House refutes the version of events described in the memo.

According to the report, Comey did not respond to Trump's request to stop the investigation but did agree with him that Flynn was a "good guy." It should be noted that the investigation between Flynn and the one over the possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia are separate, which the New York Times pointed out via Andrew G. McCabe's testimony before the Senate last week.

White House PR game with law enforcement

McGabe is the current acting FBI director in place of James Comey while the administration looks for another replacement. Mr. McCabe said in his testimony that there was no effort by the administration to stop their investigation, but the Times stated that he was responding to the investigation over Russia and Trump campaign and not the one on Flynn.

Over the past month, other bodies have opened investigation's on Michael Flynn including the Pentagon for not disclosing payments made to him by foreign entities.

The White House's statement said that the President has never asked James Comey to end the investigation, which conflicts with the President's latest reasoning for why he ended up firing Comey.

They also provided support for Gen. Michael Flynn saying that he served and protected his country and that the President had the utmost respect for law enforcement agencies and their investigations.

As Blasting News reported on the fallout of Trump's firing of the FBI director, White House aides have made statements that have essentially clashed with those of the President and created a chaotic situation that seems to be spinning out of control. President Trump has threatened to cancel all press briefings and only hand out statements every few weeks instead.