Leaders of Seven Most Developed Countries (G7) on Friday in Taormina have agreed on a new action in the fight against terrorism but failed to agree on climate issues, as the US President Donald Trump still does not want to support the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the agencies said.

Leaders of the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan have signed an agreement on combating terrorism and extremism, urging Internet service providers and social networks to step up efforts to remove extremist content, four days after the Islamist extremist killed 22 people in Manchester.

Climate Change Agreement

"We are struggling with the Internet misuse from terrorists, and in addition to being the most important technological achievement in recent decades, the Internet has also proven to be a powerful tool for terrorist purposes," a G7 leader said in a joint statement on Sicily. "The G7 calls on communications service providers and social networks to deeply enhance their efforts to remove terrorist content," adds a statement that also expresses solidarity with Britain after a terrorist attack.

G7 leaders couldn't agree on their differences regarding Climate Change issue because Trump remained in its views and still does not want to support the Paris Accord of 2015. Trump has rejected the efforts of world leaders at the summit in Sicily to urge him to back in the deal, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said.

"There is one open question and that is the US position on the Paris climate agreement. Everyone has confirmed their full acceptance of the agreement," Gentiloni said. "We are sure that the United States will, after internal consideration also want to accept it," he added.

Increasing trade between the UK and the US

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters that the G7 group had a "controversial" debate on climate change and that everyone at the table convinced Trump to support the Paris agreement that foresees a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Gentiloni said there has been some progress in the field of foreign trade, but he is still working on the final statement. "About the big issues of global trade, we're still working on the final statement, but I think direct talks today have highlighted the common stances we can work on," he said. Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May have confirmed plans to strengthen mutual trade, including a trade agreement after Brexit. "The president and prime minister have confirmed that they are committed to increasing trade between the UK and the US, including a trade agreement after Brexit," spokesman of Theresa May said.