President Donald Trump arrived in Brussels, in the first visit to NATO and the European Union, whose leaders hope to alleviate differences with the new US administration, and immediately upon arrival, the Belgian king received him. Presidential Boeing Air Force One landed at 16.15 in Melsbroek Military Base, on a flight from Rome where Donald Trump met with Pope Francis, who asked him to be a charterer, and Trump promised $ 300 million in aid to fight hunger. The US President and his wife after arriving in Brussels were received by Belgian King Philippe and Queen Mathilde before a working meeting with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michael.

NATO needs to focus on terrorism threat

Donald Trump told NATO allies on Thursday in Brussels that the future Alliance must focus on terrorism, immigration, and Russia's threat. "Future NATO needs to focus on terrorism and immigration, and on Russian threats to the eastern and southern borders of NATO," Trump said in a speech in front of the new NATO headquarters at the ceremony of revealing two monuments.

Before the start of the summit, held in the new, yet completely unfinished NATO headquarters, two monuments have been revealed - the rest of the Berlin Wall, whose demolition symbolizes the unification of Europe and the rest of one of the towers of the World Trade Center, that collapsed in a terrorist attack on New York, September 9, 2001, after which for the first time in the history of NATO, Article 5 was activated, saying that attacking one member is an attack on everyone.

Trump called upon NATO members to respect their financial obligations

Trump did not fail to call on the Allies to increase defense allocations. "I was very direct with a NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and members of the Alliance when I told them they must finally pay their share and respect their financial obligations - 23 out of 28 members are still not paying what they should pay," Trump said, adding that it was not fair to US taxpayers.

All NATO members committed themselves increase defense spending by two percent of their GDP by 2024. Trump says it's a strict minimum. At the ceremony of revealing the two monuments, Trump called for a minute of silence for the victims of the terrorist attack in Manchester, for which the Islamic state took responsibility. "Everyone who glorifies life must unite in order to find and eliminate those killers and extremists, and those losers.

Yes, they are losers," he said.

Donald Trump has verbally attacked Germany and its car sales in the United States at a meeting with EU leaders, according to the Der Spiegel weekly magazine. "The Germans are bad, very bad," he said in a press conference with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council Donald Tusque and other senior EU officials in Brussels. "Look at millions of cars selling in the US." That's what we're going to break," he said to the participants of the meeting," explains Der Spiegel.