Can you image a State Department Official actually saying trump acted like a "drunk tourist" on his trip overseas? Since there's no name attached to this claim, it is best to take it with a grain of salt, but it doesn't stop here. It seems this Fake News has been elaborated on just a bit with examples of Trump's perceived inappropriate behaviors in the foreign countries he visited.

Under cloak of anonymity

Apparently, this unnamed State Department official also saw Trump's behavior up close and has described just why he "acted like a drunk tourist" for the media.

Maybe in today's political culture, it doesn't come as too much of a surprise to hear this about the president. But could you just imagine the outrage if anyone said this about the office of the president back in the Eisenhower, or Kennedy days?

Back then the office of the president was respected, no matter if you liked the sitting president and his administration or not. Today it seems that the media can say and print just about anything they want without fear of recourse.

Strong president

Donald Trump acted like the president of the United States should act while on his trip overseas. He was seen as a strong commander and chief who was ready to work with those who were ready to work with him.

Of course, everyone didn't see Trump this way and now that the stones are being thrown, they are done under the cloak of anonymity.


What is wrong with the media today, taking such a horrific quote from a so-called State Department official and then reporting it as anonymous? According to The Daily Beast, a "State Department official" claims this horrific accusation about Trump, but there was no name to go along with this very disparaging comment.

So how did Trump act like a "drunk tourist" in this unnamed State Department official's eyes?


His handshake with the French President was seen as awkward, which was one example that was given regarding his inappropriate behavior. This handshake was rather comical coming from both men, who played to the cameras with facial grimaces and smiles.

It wasn't awkward, it was a deed that broke the ice and paved the way for a successful meeting.


Trump is also accused of shoving the Prime Minister of Montenegro, which according to the Independent, "caused the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to "declare the end of the US alliance with Europe." Trump didn't shove the Prime Minister, he was making his way through a crowded room and he made a motion each and every one of you probably has while in a crowd.

He wasn't upset

If you look at the video below and watch the Prime Minister of Montenegro's face as Trump makes his way through the group, you can see he smiles as Trump does this. It didn't take long for the media to start reporting that there was "fury" over Trump "shoving him out of the way," as reported by The Sun.

No love lost here!

The German Chancellor was looking for any excuse to poke at Trump, a man who disagrees with many of her ways and who hasn't been afraid to say so.cCritiques of Trump's trip came with kudos for a job well-done by the real news, but the fake news has found a new low calling Trump's actions like those of a "drunk tourist."