Monday was reportedly the deadline the House Intelligence Committee gave to former communications advisor for the Trump campaign Michael Caputo, to submit to an interview and any documents or materials that could show some connection between the Trump campaign and collusion with Russian officials.

According to various reports, Caputo has apparently complied with the request but not without doing what other Trump aides have also done, which is to deny that he's had any connection at all strongly.

The New York Times originally reported that Caputo also accused the committee of trying to "smear" him by making the request.

Blasting News reported on the Michael Caputo being one of many Trump aides from the campaign who happen to have a history of working directly with top Kremlin officials and Russian state media.

Aggressively resistant to investigation

While it is yet to be determined how Caputo's relationship with Russian officials and the Trump campaign fit into possible collusion. If there even is a connection at all, one thing that's certain is that the Caputo's attack against the committee making the request is in the same style of a Trump brand of denial.

In all cases related to any investigation or accusations that President Trump might have colluded with Russian officials, almost all aides and surrogates have responded within a certain spectrum of hostility that seems to be specific to how Donald Trump lashes out at his opponents.

There is no doubt that Donald Trump's base of extreme right-wing supporters enraged enough to mimic similar hostility towards their opponents, who are represented by another hostile figure that intentionally feeds into that rage, Steven Bannon.

Bannon is the President's Chief Strategist at the White House and former CEO for Breitbart News, an online media outlet which influences internet trolls and produces controversial extremist content.

Former chair of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus, once a cautious spokesperson for conservatives, has become just as hostile as a President Trump brand seems to prefer, getting into tense debates with reporters on news programs.

Trump infused attacks against opposition

Even without a federal investigation, one can identify similarities in the aggressive way the Trump brand style of attacks against their opposition is with how Russian media or Pro-Putin supporters are against theirs.

During the primary debates, Donald Trump's staged personal attacks, and since then there is no indication that President Trump or his supporters have slowed down.

Blasting News wrote about one the Russian ambassador at the UN who verbally attack another in the security council which is similar to how the far-right has carried itself in politics today.

Public trolling is also the style this administration had resorted to, such when Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador were at the White House over a week ago, which was clearly intended to irritate those who believe the Trump campaign has colluded with the Russians.

Michael Caputo's response to the House Intelligence Committee where he accuses them of attempting to smear him rather than being cooperative will only frustrate Americans more which is likely also the intention.