It was reported on Thursday that three teens are facing capital murder charges for the death of a 6-year-old boy in Tennessee. The three young men were arrested hours after the body of Kingston Frazier was found in the back seat of a Stolen Car. Frazier's mother left the car running with him inside while running into the store quickly. It only took a moment for the car to be stolen.

It was announced at a news conference by Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest that all three men, D'Allen Washington, Byron McBride, and Dwan Wakefield, are going to be charged for murder by the authorities for the death of the young boy.

The victim was found shot in the back seat of his mother's abandoned car in a ditch about 15 miles from the capital of Tennessee.

The abduction of Frazier

The 6-year-old boy had been missing since 1 a.m. on Thursday when his mother left him for a moment inside her car while she ran into a store. The mother left the car running and it was not there when she came back outside. However, a store camera caught the incident and showed another car pulling up next to the mother's car, a Toyota Camry, after she ran into the store. A man got out and took the Camry with Frazier inside.

A child-abduction alert was issued throughout the city right after the disappearance of this mother's son. Nine hours later, a man reported the Toyota parked in a suburban ditch at a dead end road on the north side of Gluckstadt.

The authorities approached the vehicle and saw the dead 6-year-old boy inside. The suspects were arrested several hours later, using video and eye witnesses to help identify them.

Possible outcome for suspects

In Tennessee, teenagers of the age of 17 who are being tried for capital murder charges can face the Ultimate Punishment, which is Capital Punishment (death sentence).

Two of the three suspects, Washington and Wakefield, are 17 years old. The age of the third suspect, McBride, has not been released by any reports. Still, McBride is old enough to face the death penalty if found guilty of the 6-year-old boy's death.

There is a possible chance that charges could change when all three suspect go to court on Monday morning.

According to District Attorney Michael Guest, only one suspect has a lawyer, who did not comment about the situation. The other two suspects are still without a lawyer.

Also, it was reported that Wakefield was a quarterback for his high school in Madison County. The county superintendent stated to the press that Wakefield was let go from the high school but did not give any details.