On Monday, May 1, streets of several US cities were crowded with thousands of protesters uniting for a common cause – President Donald Trump’s policies on immigration and labor. The rally was initially carried out by the Labor Union and Civil rights groups, but thousands of other citizens, who were a victim of the policies joined in as well.

The rally was conducted in many parts of the country including Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and Oakland, to name few. The primary motive behind the protest was to highlight the importance of immigrants in the United States and their contributions.

Most of the protest rallies were carried out in a peaceful manner, except few places on the West Coast where the police had to take charge.

Many people arrested during the protest

The protest rally in Portland, Oregon, was halted by the police because of unruly behavior. The protesters threw smoke bombs and other items at the officers. According to the police, they arrested more than a dozen of protestors who were seen wearing bandanas and ski masks.

The police arrested three people in Seattle as well. Out of the three, one was a Trump supporter and was arrested for throwing rocks at the police. Another person arrested was anti-Trump. The sentiments against the Trump administration’s Immigration Policies were clearly visible.

During a protest carried out in Olympia, police termed the protestors to be “members of a mob,” as the group hurled bottles and pepper spray at the police. The riot injured two officers. Nearly ten people were arrested. The protesters were ordered by the police to leave the place.

In Oakland, California, the protestors formed a human chain in front of the county building.

According to the demonstrators, the county law enforcement had declined to team up with the federal Immigrations agents. Four protesters were arrested in Oakland.

What the demonstrators voiced

One of the protestors who had joined the Washington protest expressed that she felt sad that the current scenario almost treats immigrants as criminals.

She even had a message for the US President and asked him to “stop bullying immigrants.” Many school teachers in Philadelphia and Pittsburg, who had been working there without any contract, stood outside schools, showing their support.

White House is yet to respond to the May Day demonstrations. Most of the protestors who took part in the rallies happening in places throughout the city were mostly immigrants. The immigration policy had badly impacted These people. The Trump administration had ruffled feathers when it imposed a ban on travelers from six primarily Muslim countries.