US President Donald Trump said it would be an honor for him to meet Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s leader under the right condition, the statement which was made on Monday when the President granted an interview with Bloomberg. The comments contrasted with his earlier position of a possible military action.

North Korea's threat

North Korea has recently issued a threat to carry out a sixth nuclear test that would aggravate the already tensed region. Trump in a U-turn offered a promising diplomatic solution.

“I would be honored to meet with him if it would be appropriate for me to do so.” President Trump said.

Meanwhile, Analysts in South Korea have said that the US President appeared to be groping to exit after weeks of issuing threats that heightened tension in the region over Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

US counter threats

Trump has issued series of threats and berated Pyongyang, raising the fear that it’s just months away for the Kim Jong-Un regime from developing nuclear and long-range ballistic missiles, which would make a strike against the US mainland possible.

President Trump has in recent weeks encouraged China to use its leverage to press North Korea to stand down its nuclear activities. This strategy has not solved the problem in the past.

The US government has threatened to act alone in the face-off, should China fails to pressurize its ally.

However, Monday’s comments from the US President signaled a shift in policy direction and could involve a face-to-face interaction with the North Korean leader. Kim has not had any foreign leader visiting his country since taking over power.

Trump's U-turn

“He has displayed the mentality of a businessman; he took the situation nearer to the brim but stopped short crossing it over to the cliff to have the upper hand in future dealings,” according to Hyun-IK of Sejong University in Seoul, South Korea.

Following series of rhetoric and threat that fuel tension across the region, Pyongyang, which has launched about five nuclear tests in 11 years warned that it was ready to launch another missile test anytime and any location at the discretion of its leadership.

The DPRK will continue bolstering pre-emptive nuclear strikes capabilities until the United States stops its aggressive policies, according to a statement by the regime’s foreign ministry.

The United States and South Korea engages in an annual military exercise in the Korean Peninsula which the North sees it as preparation for war.