The First Lady is garnering popularity in Saudi Arabia, by interacting with the media and the public. Saudi's had deemed her to be sophisticated and conservative, which they find familiar to relate to. They think its wonderful, that Melania Trump looks beautiful, walks behind her husband and does not make noticeable demands. On the contrary, an awkward moment had a significant downcast when Melania Trump refused to hold Mr. Trump's hand after his repeated attempts.

Media captured the awkward Trump moment

This incident took place at Ben Gurion airport, when President Trump was walking down the red carpet with Melania, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara.

The First Lady, shrugged off Mr. Trump's repetitive attempts of holding her hand in full view of cameras. Then again, there's more that meets the eye!

This bizarre moment lit the Twitter ablaze, and once again thousands came out trolling US President. The Tweeters and media is obsessing over the viral moment, produced by US president's first official overseas trip to UAE. Ironically, Mr. Trump is in Israel to discuss Peace with Middle East, however with recent reports he clearly needs to locate peace at home first.

The Real story behind the CNN Viral Video

At the time of the incident, Melania walked the red carpet in a crisp and classic white pencil skirt, topped with a posh blazer and dark shades.

She was walking behind the President, when he stretched his one hand to get her to speed. As per the viral video, this is what got the First Lady upset and she brushed away President's hand. Interestingly, a similar video was broadcasted earlier, that captured Melania's frown after President Trump turned away from her at an inauguration function.

White House's Journey between Smiles and Frowns

The Media had captured Melania fake a smile, which quickly turned into a frown as soon as President Trump had looked away. had reported, that it was because Trump had inappropriately blown a kiss at Melanie. These are the moments, when we are forced to recall Former President Barrack's love and respect for Michelle Obama.

The moment sure was embarrassing, however it's also a 12 year marriage that we are talking about. Let's hope the President and the First Lady discover the requisite peace at home. Nonetheless, while the whole world was distracted by Melania shrugging off US President's hand, he went ahead and signed a colossal arms deal with Saudi Arabia.