North Korea surprisingly and bravely sent a letter of protest over the strict sanctions that will be imposed by the US. This is after Pyongyang had threatened the United States and all of its citizens of being laid to waste by a barrage of nuclear missile attacks. The letter of protest was delivered by the newly revived North Korean parliamentary committee, which was disbanded in 1998 by Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un, the current leader of North Korea.

What are the contents of the protest letter delivered by Pyongyang?

Pyongyang has sent a letter directly addressed to the US House of Representatives condemning the sanctions drafted by congress according to reports made by its state-run news networks.

The new US sanction targets North Korean shipping industry which is one of the last remaining sources of income for the country. The bill condemns the alleged "slave labor" imposed by Pyongyang on its citizens working in the said industry.

Pyongyang demands Washington to censure the bill and lift it immediately, calling it a "heinous act against humanity" perpetrated by the United States to North Korean citizens. However, the unprecedented move inadvertently opened a new way of communication with North Korea, which was absent for years.

Included in the protest is North Korea's allegations that CIA operatives have tried and failed to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. Reports broadcast in local state-run TV networks in Pyongyang told its citizens that the CIA tried to use all manner of devices to kill their supreme leader but was foiled.

Pyongyang also condemns the US for planning precision strikes in North Korea as a prelude to invasion.

What is the reaction of the US congress over Pyongyang's protest?

Though the sanctions over North Korea has yet to be approved by the senate, it is highly likely to be implemented without delay. The bill will effectively ban ships owned by North Korea to trade with other countries.

All North Korean goods shipped overseas will be banned from entry into countries that will comply with the sanctions when imposed through United Nations resolution.

The sanctions will also affect countries that will not comply with the ban on North Korean shipping. Countries who will disregard the sanctions will also be banned from operating in US waters and barred from doing trade with the United States. The clauses and provisions included in the sanction is a compelling factor for countries to abide by it or suffer the economic repercussions of going against US policies against Pyongyang.