North Korea is a major constraint in the efforts of the United States to normalize relations in the Korean peninsula, and the adamant attitude of Pyongyang means it will have to cope with fresh sanctions that have targeted its shipping industry and the use of slave labor.

These sanctions were voted by the House 419-1 and the intention to apply the brake on North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs. In case the Trump administration decides to include the country in the list of state sponsors of terror, it would mean additional sanctions of restriction on U.S.

foreign assistance.

How will the sanctions affect North Korea?

According to Fox News, the intention of the legislation is to subdue the ambitions of North Korea by stopping access to cash which it needs to give shape to its plans. Under the conditions of the bill, there will be a restriction on ships of North Korea, or of countries that do not agree to comply with U.N. resolutions against it. Such ships will be denied permission to operate in American waters or dock at U.S. ports.

Another aspect is the wide range of items produced by the forced labor – these items would be barred from entry into the United States. Use of slave labor is rampant in some countries that import workers from North Korea and remit their salaries to Pyongyang which reaps the benefits regarding billions of dollars in hard currency.

This money, in turn, goes to satisfy the nuclear goals of Kim Jong Un.

The future is grim

North Korea continues to maintain a defiant attitude which is proved by the failure of its ballistic missile – it was the third failure in this month. The United Nations has banned ballistic missile tests by the country because they are believed to be preparations for launching an attack on the United States.

The waters of the Korean peninsula are busy with all the sides flexing their muscles. America is showing off the nuclear-powered submarine and the USS Carl Vinson. North Korea has carried out large-scale, live-fire exercises on its eastern coast.

And, South Korea is installing a missile defense system developed by the U.S. while the two navies are staging joint military drills.

The missile defense system is a heavy duty one consisting of six truck-mounted launchers that can fire up to 48 interceptors at incoming missiles detected by the system's x-band radar.

Experts and those in the know of affairs of the Korean peninsula are keeping a close watch on the happenings in the region and are prepared for any eventualities. There are fears that someone could ignite the fuse unknowingly and, such an action could spell doom for the whole world. The world must rise as one to prevent any clash and take necessary measures to check a disaster. Fresh sanctions imposed on North Korea should make it realize the futility of waging war with all the odds stacked against it.