emmanuel macron’s life comes across as a modern fairy tale with a male main character come true. He fell in love with his high school teacher and eventually married her after her divorce (and asking her children of the same age with him for their blessing). He became a successful investment banker who later was appointed by French President Francois Hollande into his government. After a stint as Economic Minister he formed his own political party and threw his own hat into the election for the presidency. And after a runoff contest between him and a far-right opponent, he achieved his goal just a week ago.

Record-holder administration

So it was that on Sunday, May 14, Emmanuel Macron, age 39, was installed as President of the Fifth Republic of France, the youngest in French history. This position also makes him the 25th to hold the title of President of France, the eighth to serve in the time of the (current) the Fifth Republic, and also the first to be born after it was established in 1958. His victory and triumphant swearing in were indeed remarkable to all observers for having been done as an independent candidate on a centrist platform, and with a political party that was formed less than a year ago.

In a short speech he gave to mark the occasion, Macron promised to “bring confidence back” to France, which has long been strained by economic woes, problems with immigration, and violent terrorist attacks that have left many dead.

He called on Frenchmen to embrace the future they chose, in which they turned away from the harsh populism espoused by his rival Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front party. Macron’s victory over Le Pen on May 7 was a remarkable landslide upset, and as the new President, he called on his countrymen to hold him to a high standard over everything he said he would do in his term.

First steps

Never let it be said that Emmanuel Macron lets matters wait. Later that day of his inauguration as French President he made his first appointments: Patrick Strzoda as chief of staff and Ismaël Emelien as a special advisor. On his capacity as commander in chief, he visited wounded French soldiers in a military hospital.

For Monday, May 15, he will name his Prime Minister out of two personal choices (male and female), as well as planning to immediately call on German President Angela Merkel. The rest of his government will be announced as the week goes on, and Macron is hoping to get some gender parity among his fifteen government ministers.

Already several world leaders have extended their congratulations to Macron, who shall move into the presidential Palace Elysees with his wife and former teacher Brigitte Trogneux-Macron.