As Donald Trump was set to head off on his foreign trip last week, many wondered what the rest of the administration was thinking as the president made his way to the Middle East. After a photograph was snapped of Vice President Mike Pence's reaction outside of the White House, the internet decided to have a little fun.

Twitter on Pence

Donald Trump's current foreign trip has created daily headlines as many wonder, and some fear, what the president will do or say when he is in the company of other world leaders. With the former host of "The Apprentice" making his way to various countries around the world, he leaves behind him a growing number of scandals and controversy that his entire team has been unable to shake.

Since the start of the trip, Trump has received heat for committing multiple blunders along the way. From his controversial speech on terrorism while addressing Saudi leaders, to his awkward interaction with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to the note he left at the Western Wall, in addition to having his hand slapped away twice by Melania Trump during an attempt to hold hands, the president has stumbled along the way. However, as Trump departed the White House, a snap shot of Mike Pence was taken as the vice president appeared to look off into the distance. Mashable writer Laura Vitto poked fun at Pence due to the look on his face, which quickly went viral on Twitter on May 23 using the hashtag "DeepThoughtsFromMikePence."

In what has turned out to be thousands of tweets using the hashtag, social media users were quick to troll the vice president.

"I'm wearing a**less chaps under this suit and nooooobody knows," one Twitter user wrote about Mike Pence and the aforementioned photo.

"I wonder if they know, I knew?' 'Wait, can they hear me thinking?' 'Oh, sh*t, mother, help me stop thinking,'" another tweet read.

"Mother, is it a lie if I repeat information without confirming it's true?" an additional message on Twitter added.

"Don't forget Dons crayons for when we go to the restaurant...

must remember crayons," a tweet read as the mocking of Mike Pence continued to go viral across social media. "If I go into the woods to explore Mother Nature, does that count as being with another woman?" yet another tweet read. "Male romper or bermuda shorts... hmmm need to pray on this," one message posted.

Next up

While social media users were having fun at the expensive of Mike Pence, Donald Trump and the administration have business to deal with upon the president's return to the White House next week.

As the scandal surrounding Russia continues to heat up, the commander in chief is rumored to possibly reshuffle his team as pressure from liberals and Democrats doesn't look to be ending anytime soon.