The investigation on Donald Trump is over the accusations that people in the Trump campaign were involved with Russian officials who meddled with the 2016 presidential election. Over recent weeks, more controversies that have plagued the administration have created the perception that Trump and his team have been trying to obstruct it, which has resulted in the naming of a special prosecutor, former FBI director Robert Mueller to continue the Trump-Russia investigation.

It's been reported over the past week that the investigation primed its focus on a person of interest in the White House that many believe might be Jared Kushner.

In the meantime, however, The New York Times reported that Michael Caputo -- who was a former communications advisor to the Trump campaign -- was asked by the House Intelligence Committee on May 9, to submit to an interview.

Michael Caputo's history with Russia

Prior to joining the Trump campaign in November 2015, Caputo had apparently worked in Russia during the 90's where he reportedly got to know Kremlin officials. It's also been noted that he worked for Gazprom-Media in the early 2000s which supported Russan president Vladimir Putin. On March 20, during a hearing with the now former FBI director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers, Rep. Jackie Speier of the House Intelligence Committee referred to Caputo saying that he had married a Russian woman and that his work for Gazprom-Media was to improve President Putin's image in the United States.

It's already been suggested that Russian propaganda pumped into the U.S. in 2016 in order to influence voters to criminalize Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

More than normal amount of Russian-connected aides

As a candidate, President Trump appears to have more than the normal amount of aides who have some history of working for or with high-ranking Russian officials.

Last year from May until August, former advisor to the pro-Putin Ukrainian president Yanukovich, Paul Manafort, was President Trump's campaign manager. During a Republican National Committee meeting, GOP delegates said that Manafort was involved with changing the language to how the party views the West's stance on Russia in the Ukraine.

Manafort would resign three months before election day when it was revealed that he accepted large payments by the Kremlin when he fled the Ukraine along with President Yanukovich.

Blasting News also reported on Carter Page's possible involvement with the Russians who was mentioned in a dossier that was turned into the FBI last year. Page had reportedly gone to Russia to make a speech which alarmed the intelligence community when he expressed anti-American sentiment in that speech. Former National Security Advisor for the Trump campaign Michael Flynn was also seen dining with President Vladimir Putin and accepted payments by them. Also, Trump's pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was known to have good relations with Putin as CEO of Exxon Mobile to the point that he had been given the highest award Russia can give a non-Russian, the Friend of Russia award. Former campaign aide Roger Stone has also been suspected and is apparently also being investigated.