Its been reported frequently that the Russia has been opposed to the U.S. taking action in Syria, to the point where they have created various conspiracies from blaming the U.S. for creating ISIS to planting chemical weapons in Syria in order to overthrow the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. In their very recent claim on the planting of chemical weapons, Russian president Vladimir Putin had even said that their intelligence discovered this so that the U.S.could have a reason to attack the country.

Russia repeating history with protecting Assad

But all of the fight has been taking place at the United Nations between ambassadors ever since the U.S.

has been conducting airstrikes in Syria against ISIS targets. Last year, Blasting News reported on a Security Council vote when it had been discovered that Assad had continued to use chemical weapons on his own people. The Security Council wanted to act, saying they had conducted investigations which proved the Assad regime had used chemical weapons. But the Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin dismissed the report as wrong, fake and frivolous and was able to stop the process of holding Assad accountable.

With each new president comes a new ambassador and with Trump, Nikki Haley has discovered that she also has someone to wrangle with in a new Russian ambassador, who reportedly engages in the kind of theatrics that one can expect from a Russian lawmaker.

In this case, he reportedly caught many people off guard. In one report by the Washington Post, he apparently got upset with another ambassador and demanded that they looked at him while he was speaking. That diplomat is Vladimir Safronkov who yelled at British ambassador Mathew Roycroft. The incident took place on April 12 when Rycroft said that Russia was siding with a "murderous barbaric criminal" to which Safronkov said that the British were trying to sabotage the relationship between the U.S.

and Russia over Syria.

Safronkov a 'new' kind of politician

Its been noted that his informal behavior followed the Russian veto against the UN trying to criminalize Assad over recent chemical weapons. This took place days before the Trump administration gave the order to attack a Syrian airbase for using chemical weapons against his own people.

But this apparently wasn't all, as the deputy ambassador also warned his British counterpart to never insult Russia again. In one report by Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, it made a comparison between the former Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin who died unexpectedly in New York in February, saying that Western counterparts despised that he was a defender of the Kremlin's vile policies but that he had wit and was more charming than Safronkov. But still, Safronkov was applauded for his actions on the floor by other Russian statesmen and the state media as a new kind of politician. But in fact, Safronkov is clearly just another obstacle to solving the problem in Syria.