The 2016 special counsel appointed by the Department of Justice is still investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign from 2016, now the current administration, and Russia. Reportedly, at least one White House staffer is a significant person of interest according to sources familiar with the matter.

The FBI’s investigation seeks to determine the level of, if any, involvement that Trump and associates have had with “Kremlin” operatives. The investigation also seeks to reveal any business dealings and to reveal any hacking and publishing of emails from Hilary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta during the 2016 campaign.

Reportedly, these probes could lead to absolutely no criminal charges.

In response to the investigation, President Trump repeatedly denies any accusations as “fake news” and dismisses any ties to Russia. Multiple Congressional committees are also investigating the possible ties with Russia.

The White House’s stance

The White House Press Secretary—Sean Spicer—has issued several statements about the Russia probe. He has explained that the investigation will conclude and prove that there was never collusion between the campaign and any foreign entities such as Russia.

So far, the current investigation has revealed that someone very close to the president is under scrutiny.

Valid sources have not identified this person of interest. Reportedly, the intensity of the investigation to going to perpetuate in the near future and the public should expect to know more.

The Russia probe and appointing a new lead investigator

When subpoenas are issued and interviews are being conducted, people may reveal publicly what they discussed and were asked about or they may not—it is hard to predict what information the public will be privy to.

It has also been reported that the probe may not lead to any charges or criminal prosecution.

So far, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein appointed former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III to serve as special counsel and lead the investigation into Russia probe this week—this comes shortly after Comey was fired by President Trump.

It is unclear exactly how Mueller’s leadership will affect the direction of the probe, and which parts of the investigation will be made public; but, interviews and information are finally starting to flow after James Comey’s release from the FBI.