Melania Trump has suddenly appeared in the last week. Social media have noticed. The bucolic scene below might is hard to ignore.The man standing next to her may be the most reviled person on the globe. He leads a nation whose residents are not looking out on the Mediterranean in Taormina. Reactions are extreme. He has violent defenders in the world of social media.

Or he is hammered there. Here is Melania's Tweet, put out by the president and therefore a political statement.

The comments beneath the Presidents tweets are often divided for the Twitter audience, according to Twitter's understanding of what people want to read.

But the following tweets reflect all sides of the spectrum.

Even the Pope knows is the first reaction, And there is a morose Francis reminding us of a gulf in values between a Pope who cares for the environment and the future of children and a leader who has rolled back everything to do with these two priorities.

The terse tweet that immediately follows is a reminder of Trump's successful effort to run for the highest office in the land by convincing the electorate that President Obama was now an American citizen.

The retweets and likes suggest that the Trump-Obama rivalry is as alive as the racism that is its cause.

A succession of Tweets goes back and forth culminating in the following pair which suggests that there are two versions of the American dream out there.

Then the tweets start to fan out to the wider world. A man speaks of Saudi's having killed his daughter and destroyed his house and there wi a reminder that the people of Yemen will suffer because the Saudis now have more weapons courtesy of Trump.

The author is criticized for bringing up "another country."

The Trump divide

There is apparently nothing that Trump and by extension, his family, can do wrong among his die-hard followers.

By the same token, he can do nothing right if you oppose him. There seems to be no middle ground, only extremes based on deep-seated feelings.

Nixon thoughts

Nixon did not evoke anything like the degree of animosity or loyalty that Trump does. Whatever happens to Donald Trump, the drama that he is creating will persist and the division that propels it will not end. This morning Trump gave a sign that he is back on twitter full force. His latest tweet: Back in Washington he will face a tightening noose around the Russia matter and little good news on the legislative front.