Melania Trump is a mother first and foremost, and while this nine-day trip on the other side of the globe with her husband, President Donald Trump, was extremely important, this mom had to have missed Barron during this long journey. Melania recalled highlights of her trip for the crowd at the Air Force Naval Station and she looked extremely happy to do so.

Home to Barron

Right after she gave her speech, Donald Trump took to the podium and said that the "big plane" there on the tarmac will be taking them home to the U.S. after this stop. It is not known who Barron stayed with as Donald and Melania Trump toured several states over the last week and a half.

It is assumed that he stayed with his grandparents, Melania's mom and dad, who also live in Trump Tower.

Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day weekend and Donald Trump focused his speech on the men and women who have given everything to make America a safer place for all to live. He also touched on the military receiving more money for the things needed to keep the U.S. safe.

Hand-holding and smiles

For Saturday's event, Melania wore an all black dress and yes, she was stunning, and yes, she held hands with her husband as they made their way toward Air Force One when his speech was done.They didn't break up that hand-holding until they reached the bottom of the steps of Air Force One, where they needed to shake hands with the head brass waiting to see them off.

Home again

With his first foreign trip as Commander and Chief of the United States under his belt, it looks like it is home to the White House for him and home to Trump Towers for Melania, where Barron is finishing up his schooling in New York City. June is almost here, which is the month slated for Melania and Barron to move into the White House.

Getting to see Melania on a constant basis for the past nine days as the first lady alongside her husband, the president, it is safe to say she's a first lady who will do the nation proud. People seem to love her and she is extremely charismatic. Melania's growing popularity has been compared to how Kate Middleton's popularity grew among the masses when first showing up on the royal scene.

Kate Middleton

Melania does have that appealing genuine smile, much like Kate Middleton. The Daily Mail asks if Melania Trump has been taking fashion tips away from the way Kate Middleton dresses. Much like the phenomenon seen with Kate, as soon as Melania dons a dress, it becomes sold out. According to the Daily Mail, Melania wearing a dress by "Ilinicic promptly sold out following the model's appearance on the RNC stage."

While Melania has quite a few hours between Italy and the U.S. before she can see Barron, chances are that smile of hers today reflected her knowledge of being home tonight so she can spend some time with her son.