A four-by-four-foot Sinkhole formed in front of Mar-a-Lago club on Monday. The club is owned by U.S. President Donald Trump who has used it to entertainment foreign leaders such as Chinese President Xi Jinping where they discussed important global issues such as North Korea’s missile launch. The sinkhole appearing while the president is on a nine-day foreign trip is what inspired Twitter jokes and memes.

An alert notice from the town of Palm Beach authorities posted on its website said the sinkhole formed on Southern Boulevard directly in front of the resort.

It is in the vicinity of the newly installed water main. The West Palm Beach Utilities distribution crews have secured the area and would likely need to perform some exploratory excavation on Monday. Although the road is still open, one lane is closed, New York Daily News reported.

Sinkholes part of Florida landscape

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation said that the state has more sinkholes than any other state in the country. In 2013, the Weather Channel commented that the sinkholes are part of the Florida landscape like alligators and palm trees are.

Because of Trump’s preference to travel frequently to Mar-a-Lago, where he plays golf and entertains visitors, American taxpayers have to shoulder, so far, an extra $10 million to cover transport expenses as well as additional security.

The Coast Guard has deployed a shoreline patrol in the resort, while the government is also spending for the security at Camp David, a secure military installation and retreat for the president’s use, but Trump has not used it at all.

Twitter jokes and memes

Before news of the sinkhole came out, media reported on Trumps’ activities in the Middle East.

They include the Israel tarmac incident where First Lady Melania Trump swatted the hand of her husband, and the POTUS touched an orb in Saudi Arabia.

Oliver Willis linked the orb incident to the Mar-a-Lago sinkhole. He tweeted that the orb demanded a sacrifice. Similarly, Slade Sohmer tweeted that actions have consequences, and Chloe Angyal added that the sinkhole is an obvious sign from God.

For Schooley, the Middle East incident link to the sinkhole is the billionaire touching the Western Wall. Schooley suggested getting the time stamp when the president touched the wall and the sinkhole opened.

Tony Posnanski played around with Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s frequent use of “alternative facts” to explain Trump’s behavior. He tweeted that Spicer stressed it is not a sinkhole in front of the president’s resort but a Florida Swamp Center.

Rocki one said it is not a sinkhole but an escape route, while Jeff LaMarche tweeted that it is a hell mouth. Several Twitter members gave their thumbs up to the sinkhole for attempting to take down Mar-a-Lago, while Mashable added that Trump’s resort could be literally crumbling. It figuratively could also be interpreted to include his political career amid the Russian interference scandal and calls for the president’s impeachment.