Almost two months into his presidency, Donald Trump is probably one tee-off away from getting in more golf time than Barack Obama. So far, Trump’s “working weekends” spent at his beloved Florida Mar-a-Lago estate has cost the federal treasury and at least $10 million, including payment for shoreline patrol by the Coast Guard. Meanwhile, Camp David, which is technically a secluded military installation and retreat for presidential use, sits practically abandoned and must still be maintained financially. At this rate, taxpayer costs earmarked for Trump family travel and security will likely run in the hundreds of millions of dollars by his term’s end.

The Washington Post states Obama’s expenses amounted to around $97 million for his eight years in office.

It’s a family affair at the citizen’s expense

The city of New York is paying roughly around $500,00 each day to secure the residence, Trump Tower, for First Lady Melania Trump and her son Barron. Donald Trump’s two oldest sons, Eric and Donald Jr., have been globetrotting around the world as managers of their father’s business, traveling with Secret Service agents in tow and running up hefty tabs as well.

There is a cloud passing over the sunshine state

County officials in Palm Beach County, Florida, where Mar-a-Lago is located have already shelled out more than $60,000 in police overtime payment for things such as traffic management and extra security whenever the president came to town.

They plan to ask for a reimbursement. And not all locals are happy about being inconvenienced because of Trump’s frequent weekend getaways at his estate. Due to Secret Service rules restrictions when Trump is in town, as many as 250 private flights at Palm Beach County Park Airport could be grounded, resulting in as much as $200,000 in lost fuel sales.

Shut-down at the airport also means flight lessons, chopper trips, banner advertising or parachute jumping activities are halted. Locals are hoping the president, who campaigned on improving economic prospects, will be considerate of the havoc his visits are creating.

Palm Beach Aircraft Services’ owner, Dave Johnson, has eight employees who provide transportation for clients, which includes professionals like doctors and lawyers who travel for work.

However, when Trump is in town, flights must first stop somewhere else for security clearance and private flights cannot take off within a 10-mile radius. Johnson states that they never dreamed Trump would be there every weekend and now long-time customers are moving their aircraft to other airports.