Greater Manchester police have arrested three men as part of the inquiry into the Manchester Attack by suicide bomber Salman Abedi. According to Reuters, the attacker's younger brother, 23-year-old brother, Ismail Abedi, has just been arrested in Tripoli on suspicion of direct links with Isis. The tragic attack happened at the Manchester Arena during a concert of pop star Ariana Grande killed 22 innocents, mostly teens and children, and injured over 60. The Islamic State group has taken the responsibility and claimed one of its members had planted the bomb in the middle of crowds.

Suicide bomber behind Manchester attack

Police named the bomber as Salman Ramadan Abedi who is a 22-years-old British-born Muslim boy. His family is from Libya. However, Abedi is believed to have been a “mule” in the hands of terror masters. He used the explosives built by his masters, according to the BBC security correspondent. So, Government is likely to make more important announcements today.

What Abedi's neighbor says about him

A neighbor of Salman Abedi, Donovan Kinsey, said, Abedi appeared to be normal. His friends would often come to meet him at his semi-detached home in Fallowfield in Manchester. You couldn’t figure out by his face what was running in his mind. He was a quiet boy and occasionally he’d wear hooded tops and jeans.

Kinsey further said Abedi’s whole family was quite religious but it was a shock that he had attacked the young innocent children. Several reports have revealed that the bomber Abedi had visited Libya recently had visited Libya recently. In fact, he returned to the UK only days before the Manchester attack.

What police is doing

Manchester police are being reticent about the investigation. Though they have arrested the three men, they have not clarified yet what the men were arrested for. It is also not clear that whether the police were specifically looking for these men or they have simply detained them for investigation.

After the terror attack, the mayor of Greater Manchester said in a television interview that this was an extremist act and the bomber who did it is no more represents the Muslim community.

Meanwhile, the UK is on high alert and 800 troops are to be deployed by the British army to support the police in the aftermath of the Manchester attack. Troops will take their position from later today, replacing police guards at Number Ten Downing Street, parliament and Buckingham Palace, and elsewhere around London. These soldiers will be in uniform, but will remain in the command of police.