As investigations continue into the brutal Manchester Arena suicide bomb attack that killed 22 people and injured dozens more, police have released an image showing bomber salman abedi wheeling a blue suitcase in the city, which was captured on security video. They added a replica suitcase to the image for a clearer comparison.

Manchester police asks public to come forward if they see the blue suitcase

In their statement relating to the image, Greater Manchester police asked members of the public who have seen the blue suitcase to come forward – while warning anyone who does spot it to stay away from it.

Authorities added that the image was taken from CCTV footage on May 22, in the city’s center. They asked if anyone can remember spotting the suitcase in either the Wilmslow Road area or central Manchester around that time.

As noted by the New York Post, Detective Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson said in a statement that officials believe Abedi had the blue suitcase in his possession in the days leading up to the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena. Jackson said that while the suitcase was definitely not used in the May 22 attack after the Ariana Grande concert, it is still of interest to police. He added that police have no reason to think the suitcase and its contents are a danger to anyone, but that it is best to remain cautious.

Salman Abedi's movements prior the attack: Police continues to investigate

According to a report by The Guardian, police are still attempting to piece together Abedi’s movements in the city from when he arrived back in England from Libya on May 18, through to detonating the suicide bomb on May 22.

Jackson said they are interested to find out Abedi’s whereabouts during that period. Police currently have 14 suspects in custody relating to the suicide bombing, including the latest arrest of a “trainee pilot” in Shoreham-by-Sea early on Monday this week.

50 victims of Manchester Arena attack are still in hospital

As reported by Reuters, many victims of the Manchester Arena suicide bombing are still hospitalized, receiving treatment for injuries sustained in the blast.

Reportedly 50 victims are still undergoing treatment, with 17 in critical care. According to that report NHS England say there were 22 adults and children killed in the suicide bombing and injured victims receiving medical treatment following the attack have now reached a total of 116 people.

While the health authority gave no further details regarding the injured victims, Reuters reports that hospital officials and doctors have said some of the victims had suffered life-changing injuries to their limbs and major organs.