Over the last eight years, the fight over health care has been one of the most talked about issues in American politics. After Republicans took their first step to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, Kellyanne Conway decided to sound off on social media but didn't get the most positive response to her tweet.

Conway backlash

When Barack Obama was elected president back in 2008, he won, in part, on the message of changing how the United States handled the health care system. As quickly as the ink dried on signing Obamacare into law back in January 2009, Republicans amped up their opposition and have continued to push back against the law ever since.

The GOP in Congress voted to repeal the law over 60 times, which was seen as partisan politics and nothing more than a symbolic vote since Obama was sure to veto any bill on the issue that reached his desk. As the 2016 presidential election moved forward, it was clear that each Republican had a similar message on health care, which Donald Trump carried into the general election. Following his upset victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Trump worked to fulfill his campaign promise to eliminate the ACH as soon as possible. Trump's first attempt was to no avail, but was able to convince enough congressional Republicans to support "Trumpcare," as it got over its first hurdle by passing in the House of Representatives earlier this week.

As seen on her Twitter account on May 6, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway made sure to defend the bill and deflect any blame into the Democratic Party.

Taking to her official Twitter feed on Saturday was Kellyanne Conway who decided to highlight the health care fight.

While attaching a video clip of her recent appearance on Fox News, Conway also tweeted, "Same people lying to & scaring the public about #ACHA stood silently when #veterans actually WERE dying to get proper care."

Twitter reacts

Responding to Kellyanne Conway were a wave of angry social media users who didn't hold back their thoughts.

"I liked it better when real tv networks allowed you on. Then I got to see your nonsense every day," one tweet read.

"Please stop with the alternative facts you must be standing next to the microwave to much your brain is fried," another Twitter user wrote. A follow-up tweet went on to focus on veterans' health care, stating, "Bad memory? Weird considering it was Republicans who are constantly cutting VA funding."

"You need to wash that face and stop trying to make up alternative facts.

Wage feeze and 7m vets without benefits u dont get 2 talk!" a tweet went on to read about Kellyanne Conway. "You do know the bill you just supported kicks up to 7 million veterans off of health care or makes it more expensive for them, right?," the Political Pulse Twitter account posted. The backlash continued on Twitter as it appeared many Americans were not pleased with the GOP's latest attempt at health care reform.