The Princess is doing anything for the sake of love! Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of Japan's emperor, is willing to relinquish her royal status in order to marry an ordinary man she once met in school five years ago. Kei Komuro, a graduate student, and a law firm assistant, has gained positive news over news sites lately. He has been known for playing the violin as a hobby, cooking, and skiing. Apparently, he has captured the heart of the Japan's princess.

Princess Mako to leave her royalty in exchange of a commoner

With her desire to marry her non-royal boyfriend, Princess Mako might leave her imperial family and give up her royal status.

This has been the rule that Japanese women used to follow as per Japanese law. Nonetheless, she is not the only woman who once gave up their royalty in the name of love. One of the recent princesses was her aunt, Sayako Kuroda, who also had left family ties after she got married to her husband Yushiki Kuroda in 2005.

The pair has been known meeting five years ago in an international school. One of the reports claimed that Princess Mako had already introduced Mr. Komuro to her parents and have approved of her boyfriend. However, the rumors remained to be unofficial since no confirmation has been made by the imperial family yet.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Household Agency is also tight-lipped about the news despite the fact that a formal engagement announcement is expected to be held this month.

Such announcement will confirm the marriage of the princess and the commoner. On the other hand, Princess Mako's decision to give up her royal status will also highlight the trials that the imperial family has been facing in terms of their sensitive succession law.

Japan's cabinet is set to approve a bill

Amidst the news headlining the Japan's princess, the cabinet members are set to approve one bill that will permit the emperor to step down according to his will.

Apparently, this new law does not include women to stay in the royal family after they will marry a non-royal man although 86 percent of the poll is in favor for women to assume the throne.

Furthermore, Yoshihide Suga, the chief cabinet secretary, told the media that there is no alteration in such law since they wanted to ensure that there will be stability in the imperial succession.

On the other hand, the non-royal beau Mr. Komura also told the reporters that he will not speak about it yet until the right time comes.

Meanwhile, Japanese media has presented positive news about Mr. Komura and several reports highlighted that he has been crowned as "prince of the sea" as part of their tourism campaign while promoting the seaside town of Fujisawa in Kaganawa.