First Lady Melania Trump has been wearing some fabulous outfits during her nine-day five-country trip to the Middle East and Europe with her husband, President Donald Trump. The trip was President Trump's first international visit since he became president. Being along with him was Melania's first extended time in the public eye.

All of her outfits have cost a lot, but the coat she wore over a white shift dress on Friday appeared to have been the most costly. She was going to lunch with other G7 leaders’ spouses at the Elephants Palace in Sicily.

About the costly coat

The floral coat with a matching clutch came from the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. It was simply beautiful, but for the price, it should have been. It is interesting that in all the photos, the first lady is seen with the jacket over her shoulders instead of her arms being in it.

The three-dimensional floral coat costs $51,500. The 3D flower jacket is straight off the runway and is not available in stores yet. If anyone wants to pre-order one, the required deposit is $25,750.

The $51,500 Melania paid for her jacket is more than some people's annual salary. That is the equivalent of a yearly salary for a policeman, firefighter, high school teacher, or a registered nurse.

According to reports, the wives of presidents do not get a budget. Therefore, taxpayers will not have to foot the bill for the expensive jacket or any of the other outfits the first lady wears.

Mrs. Trump is married to a billionaire, so she can afford to wear a $51,500 jacket only once for just a few hours. Besides, she reportedly has said she will pay for her clothes with her own money.

Other outfits

The first lady wore fashionable outfits every day of the trip. The floral jacket was different from the solid colors and the black outfits she has worn on other days.

It was reported that she had a separate suitcase for each day of the trip. That means there were nine suitcases just for her. It's not clear it there was an additional suitcase for the trip there and her return trip home. If so, that would be 11 suitcases.

First ladies are either criticized or highly praised for whatever they wear. It was noted that Mrs. Trump wore a lot of dresses with belts to accentuate her small waistline. She wore a prim black lace dress with a matching mantilla headcover when she met with Pope Francis. When she arrived in Italy, she was wearing a dark jacket with golden detailing on the cuff and collar. Both outfits were also by Milan designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.